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Cool Concept

Cool Concept is a talk series I developed, focusing on the creative passion projects of designers, illustrators, and art directors. This is an event I run under the Toronto Design Directory, and it happens a number of times a year. Launching in April of 2018, the first Cool Concept talk sold out within less than a week. Prior to the first event, I encouraged Toronto creatives to submit their projects for consideration via a short social media campaign, and personally invited other people who I knew had done work I wanted to highlight. Each talk features three separate speakers focusing on three projects, with question time at the end. I developed the series to highlight creative's personal work, as client work gets most of the recognition and there aren't many places for non-client work to be celebrated, despite the fact that our best work often comes out of our personal interests and passions.

I created the logo and branding around the talk, designing a loose system that could be changed for each event while remaining recognizable. The logo is made up of a word mark and a pair of eyes - themselves based on the two O's in "cool" - which work together and separately. For each talk I design a unique poster using different mediums and techniques, but always incorporating the eyes as a consistent element to tie them together, and for recognizability. The different posters speak to all the different kinds of projects that the talks highlight, from web design, animation, branding, communication, and more.

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