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Swash & Serif

Swash & Serif is an annual typography and lettering show. Starting in 2014, it has showcased the work of hundreds of designers and letterers from as close as Toronto and as far away as New Brunswick and California. This is an event that I run under the Toronto Design Directory.

The Swash & Serif mark was originally designed by my friend Kyle Gallant, and each year I work it into a new poster and online promo material to call for submissions to the show. The posters created each year are intended to inspire artists who want to submit work to think differently - rather than just create something digitally, I try to encourage people to use new mediums, play with scale, a experiment.

The website is an archive of previous shows. The challenge was that the main page has to announce the upcoming show, and also allow people to navigate to the galleries of previous shows. I came up with a way to make a users first impression a big announcement for the upcoming show and use CSS to have fun with typography on the web.

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